Ryan O'Hara

Ryan O'Hara

Senior Software Engineer

About Ryan

Ryan is a husband, dad, son, brother, engineer, wrestler, coach, and content creator.

He currently works as a senior software engineer at Comcast.

For nearly a decade, Ryan was a programmer at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.

A NJ state medalist for Paulsboro High School in 2006, Ryan went on to wrestle at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ryan coached at Paulsboro and Egg Harbor Township for a combined ten years before founding Jersey Wrestling, an amateur wrestling media company in 2018.

Ryan and his wife, Ashley, have three kids - Charlotte, Gabe, and Emmy.

The O'Haras live down the Jersey Shore and enjoy doing outdoor activities like strolling the boardwalk, fishing the back bays, hanging at the beach, and taking care of the garden.


Senior Software Engineer - Comcast (November 2014 - Present)

Developed applications for a range of back office Comcast organizations

Supported call-center technicians, video engineers, FCC compliance executives, and every Olympics

Analyst Programmer - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (2006 - November 2014)

Designed simple and elegant solutions to complex problems

Supported researchers, clinicians, and scientists in advancing healthcare

Contributed to areas of genomics, electronic health record, clinical decision support

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Latest Projects

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Jersey Wrestling

Jersey Wrestling promotes the best sport in the best state using news, history, rankings, profiles, contests, and apparel.

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South Jersey Wrestlers by Winning Percentage

Winning percentage is a better gauge than total wins, so I wrote a Python program to parse and reorder SJWHOF's 100 wins records that were maintained by the late, great John Vogeding. If anyone has newer/better data, pass it along, and I'll update the page. Thanks!

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This website is the best place to find information about the Paulsboro Midget Football Organization, a member of the South Jersey Independent Football Association in New Jersey. It was built using PHP, Apache, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and the Bootstrap API.

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Other Projects

CBMi Apps

CBMi brings together a variety of data integration analysts and programmers to carry out grant-funded research and development of novel software tools for data-intensive biomedical research. This custom Wordpress site provides details on available applications along with instructions for downloading.

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CBMi Seq

CBMi-Seq analysis provides complete primary analysis and management of next generation sequencing data-from delivery of raw data to sequence assembly, variant detection, annotation, and discovery.

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The Paulsentinel

The Paulsentinel is a quarterly newspaper published by the Journalism class at Paulsboro High School.

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Save Olympic Wrestling

Wrestling is the most widely participated sport in the world, but it has been removed from the Olympic core sports and could be dropped from the 2020 Olympics, all together. This interactive map details the all-time Olympic medal count for wrestling across the world.

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A primary care-based shared decision making (SDM) electronic medical record (EMR)-based portal that provides education, elicits and tracks patients and family treatment concerns and goals, assesses symptoms and asthma control over time, and provides decision support to clinicians and families.

Learn more about MyAsthma

Genome Wowser

Genome Wowser provides an iPad-enabled view of the human genome. The app provides a functional presentation of the popular UCSC Genome Browser that is intuitive, highly portable, and allows a “Google Maps”-like navigation experience. Users can view genomic annotation tracks, zoom in, out, and across a chromosome, search for genomic elements, and download displayed data of interest.

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CMT Express

CMT Express is a family-owned, motor coach company in Norristown, Pennsyvlania, offering guaranteed comfort and lower rates on your travel and special trip rentals.

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Peaces is a Facebook gift-giving application that enables users to share elements and symbols of serenity and relaxation with friends, family, former enemies, or whomever they like. Peaces was developed by the founders of ADHD: Climbing to a Cure. We are working to identify the causes of ADHD in order to better treat, manage, and prevent this serious and common disorder.

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CNV Workshop

CNV Workshop is an open-source, web-enabled platform for analyzing genome variation such as copy number variation.

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The Record Today

The Record Today is a local, bimonthly newspaper that serves Paulsboro, Gibbstown, and surrounding communities.

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The Copy Number Variation project at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia represents efforts to identify all frequent copy number variations (CNVs) that exist in the human genome. Our ongoing research utilizes high-resolution genome-wide scanning and highly accurate computational approaches. To date, CNVs have been analyzed in 2,026 healthy children recruited within the Hospital's network. These efforts have yielded the first high resolution CNV map of the human genome, providing access to a data source that allows for effective assessment of the role of CNVs in human variation and disease susceptibility.

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Share, The Joseph Stokes Jr. Research Institute implementation of the Confluence content management system (CMS), allows you and your team to collaborate and share knowledge. A CMS can serve as a project management tool, a place to store files and documentation, a space to discuss new topics, and a place to find out what's happening across the institution.

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FABLE mines the biomedical literature for information about human genes and proteins. FABLE v3 allows a user to find articles mentioning a gene of interest (Article Finder), to generate a list of genes associated with one or more keywords (Gene Lister), or use a local mirror of the UCSC Genome Browser with a literature track (LitTrack).

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Paulsboro Wrestling Website 2

Paulsboro Wrestling Website 2 is an unofficial (and outdated) fan website of the Paulsboro wrestling dynasty.

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