2010-07-25 19:58:57ashley and i on the boat
2010-07-25 19:59:07the truck and the boat
2010-07-25 19:59:40eating at mikes seafood deck in sea isle
2010-07-25 19:59:57kicking back and fishing
2010-07-25 20:02:35practicing my lasso toss so we could be towed
2010-07-25 20:02:57tucker asleep at the helm
2010-07-25 20:03:39looking spiritual in the marshlands
2010-07-25 20:03:49fourth of july at aunt dales and uncle franks
2010-07-25 20:04:07joe cooking burgers and clams
2010-07-25 20:04:33parasailing
2010-07-25 20:04:49julies first boat ride
2010-07-25 20:04:57she liked it
2010-07-25 20:05:25the randazzos and ashley relaxing at the dock
2010-07-25 20:06:02julie and tuck doing what they do best
2010-07-25 20:06:30ryan batting
2010-07-25 20:06:59tailgating in the bed of the truck
2010-07-25 20:07:11phillies game with grandma
2010-07-25 20:07:35horseshoes on new smyrna beach
2010-07-25 20:07:53robert caught a whiting
2010-07-25 20:08:06fishing in new smyrna beach florida
2010-07-25 20:08:14sting ray
2010-07-25 20:08:27caught a sting ray
2010-07-25 20:08:54ashley and alyssa sitting the lifeguard stand
2010-07-25 20:10:03dinner with the slamans at off the hook
2010-07-25 20:10:23one of many scrabble games
2010-07-25 20:10:37alyssa with beer goggles on
2010-07-25 20:11:03ponce inlet lighthouse
2010-07-25 20:11:17eating at the inlet harbor
2010-07-25 20:11:27rob and sue
2010-07-25 20:11:42family lunch on the water
2010-07-25 20:12:23alyssa and kristin getting ready to tube
2010-07-25 20:12:38ashley and i tubing
2010-07-25 20:13:11winding in the boat
2010-07-25 20:13:29ashley and i on the beach
2010-07-25 20:14:24best bloody mary in the world at whales rib in deefield beach florida
2010-07-25 20:14:56ashley with the guy fieri poster
2010-07-25 20:15:10aunt leigh anne and i at uncle billys
2010-07-25 20:15:27sam, molly, and leo
2010-07-25 20:15:36volleyball in the pool
2010-07-25 20:16:59samantha and ashley
2010-07-25 20:17:19addison at one month
2010-07-25 20:17:38ryan and sarah at greenwich lake
2010-07-25 20:17:49tucker and julie getting a drink
2010-07-25 20:18:04ryan caught a carp
2010-07-25 20:18:23jake, keith, and ma at danielles graduation party
2010-07-25 20:18:34playing some pig in the pool
2010-07-26 10:05:04bbq on the beach alabama style
2010-07-26 10:07:09beer pong
2010-07-26 10:07:35bridgeton market in florida
2010-07-26 10:26:35ryan on the waters again

Photos by Ashley

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